The Parish Council consists of 9 councillors plus one part-time employed Clerk.  We currently have two vacancies for councillors.  The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at Longford Village Hall (excluding January, April, August and September).

The next local council elections will be in May 2019; please contact the Clerk if you are interested in becoming a councillor.  The following documents are useful for prospective councillors:

Councillors as at December 2018:

Keiron Bates
Eamonn Doherty (finance working group, V. Hall working group, website and newsletter)
Karen Doherty (Personnel, V. Hall working group)
Peter Gough Vice Chair (park/playing field)
Lynn Gough
Mark Hamblett (finance working group, V. Hall working group, allotments)
Anthony Williams Chair

Details of Longford Parish Councillor declaration of interests are available from Sara Freckleton, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer, or the Parish Clerk.  Email contacts are: and

(Two vacancies for parish councillors)

County Councillor: Phillip Awford
Borough Councillors: Mark Williams, David Waters.
Clerk to the Council: Julie Shirley